Background, Experience, & Approach



Dr. Dallas Carey is a Florida native. She trained as a Clinical Psychologist at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida, graduating in 2014. She completed her Internship at the National Psychology Training Consortium in Indiana, and then worked as a Program Director for a Geriatric Crisis Stabilization Program in the East Bay in Northern California. She recently moved back to her home state of Florida and is pursuing her passion to make a difference helping others live more healthfully and happily. 


The Mind - Body Connection

It has always intuitively made sense that to help a person make positive life changes, one has to acknowledge the Whole Person. The idea is that the Mind and Body are intricately connected  in a real tangible way that affect how we think and feel. While, traditional psychotherapeutic modalities are incredibly helpful to improving one's mental health, Dr. Carey layers on a Whole Person treatment perspective. Via this dynamic approach, one's physical health and nutrition is taken into consideration as it contributes to one's mental health. 


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