Hello & Welcome to my Psychology Practice

Hello & Welcome to my Psychology Practice

Hello & Welcome to my Psychology PracticeHello & Welcome to my Psychology PracticeHello & Welcome to my Psychology Practice

My Therapeutic Approach

Hello, and welcome to dallascarey.com. My name is Dallas Carey, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a focus on nutritional and health psychology. I work with clients holistically, meaning that when someone comes to me with a psychological problem, I help create change by formulating interventions targeted at important life domains (e.g., nutrition, sleep, social relationships, stress, thinking style, & daily structure.) For example, I am interested in how you think and feel about yourself and others as well as how daily health behaviors facilitate your well-being. I use this integrative approach to help you build insight, foster understanding, and develop helpful behaviors and ways of thinking that move you in the direction of Wellness. I believe that even the biggest of changes are made one step at a time. Taking small actions on a daily basis add up to real and powerful changes. This is the mentality that informs my work in all contexts. 

I specialize in working with clients with a variety of problems that range from debilitating anxiety and depression, to problems in coping with life changes, and relationship issues. Using integrated evidence based psychotherapeutic modalities, I help others create the change they seek to make in their lives. 

Mind & Body Wellness Blog


A Blog about the vital Mind & Body Connection. Come read about how simple little daily changes can have a huge impact on how we think, feel and live. 

Presentations and Program Development

Dr. Carey specializes in the integration of nutrition with traditional talk therapy to treat trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, and dementia prevention. She is a developer of workshops, a speaker and educator of nutritional strategies, and has developed healthy lifestyle programs in California, Indiana, and Florida. She has created workshops and delivered talks on the impact of food choices on both emotional health and cognitive functioning. She believes that nutrition and healthy lifestyle behaviors delivered alongside cognitive behavioral therapy  and other classic psychotherapeutic modalities can vastly improve well-being. When working with clients, she takes a whole-person approach, working with both their thoughts and behaviors, and their Wellness behaviors. She is passionate about inspiring others to make simple daily lifestyle changes that overtime add up to a significantly healthier happier life. 

Her work in Nutritional education for Mental Health began back in graduate school.  She has developed and provided the following healthy lifestyle talks and programs over the past 7 years: 

  • Nutrition for optimal emotional and cognitive functioning for the geriatric population delivered to health care professionals and assisted living residents at Bayside Park in Emeryville, CA. Oct. 2014 to July 2018

  • Co-developed a health psychology program, Integrated and Coordinated Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program to deliver behavioral health services to at - risk youth. Kids and Parents were taught nutritional and exercise tools, and biomarkers were taken as measures for intervention effectiveness. August 2013 to August 2014

  • Delivered behavioral health focused interventions in Medical Physical Rehabilitation Hospital to patients receiving physical therapy. Focus on was on obesity reduction, stroke prevention, and spinal cord injury recovery